FLYT STiK Concentrate Vaporizer
FLYT STiK Concentrate Vaporizer
The FLYT STIK by FLYTLAB is a sleek, compact vaporizer for vaporizing concentrates with a goal of providing an affordable and effective handheld vaporizer for everyone from the entry-level user to the true cannabis oil / cbd crystal isolate connoisseur.
The STIK offers interchangeable “Ceramic Slab” and “Dual-Coil Quartz” heating chambers that are twice the size of a standard chamber, allowing for maximum capacity and efficiency.

Key Features:
4 Temperature Settings – Equipped with four distinct temperature settings and our unique “FLYT” mode, with the FLYT STIK the user is able to fully customize their vaping experience.

Thread-less – The ultimate in form and function, the useful rectangular design slips easily into the user’s pocket, purse, or the palm of their hand. Using secure magnetic connections for the charging dock, the heating chambers, and the mouthpiece, users will appreciate the quick and easy thread-free design of the FLYT STIK.

2 Atomizers – The FLYT STIK “Ceramic Slab” heating chamber provides a large loading area with a high grade ceramic base and walls ideal for savoring the flavor with low-temperature vaporization. The FLYT STIK “Dual Quartz” heating chamber has an equally large loading area (twice the capacity of the average vape pen) and features a base composed of two quartz rods wrapped in high grade titanium coils and can deliver temperatures up to twice as high as the Ceramic Slab for big clouds!

Smart One-Button Control – No more press and hold while you vape. Once the temperature setting is confirmed, click the power button once and the FLYT STIK will deliver a full 10 second hit. Turn device on/off (3-clicks), adjust temperature settings (press 2 times), and check battery life (press and hold when device is off).

Fast and Efficient – 2 Seconds of pre-heat plus a 10 second draw time results in a quick, discrete, and usefully delivered dose every time.

Auto-Shutoff Feature – The FLYT STIK will heat for 10-12 seconds and then automatically cools down and will shut off.

Fast Charging – Full recharge time is just 1.5 hours from empty and the device can be used while it is charging. Battery charge life will vary by user but is extended due to the consistent timing of the “FLYT Mode”. (Note: Customer should charge the battery completely before first use.)

Warranty – The FLYT STIK is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

What’s included:

(1) FLYTLAB FLYT ST!K Vaporizer
(1) FLYTLAB Travel Bag
(1) Ceramic Slab Atomizer
(1) Multipurpose Dab Tool
(1) Dual Quartz Atomizer
(1) FLYT Enamel Hat Pin
(1) Micro USB Charge Cord & Dock
(1) FLYTLAB Stickers

9 REVIEW FOR FLYT STiK Concentrate Vaporizer

Everett Agee - 01 July, 2020


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