What is H2FLO Vaporizer?
The Roll Royce of all vaporizers.

The FLYTLAB H2FLO is an Herbal Vaporizer featuring a unique oven-tech system with the Ceramic Oven that provides a true vaporization.

By using the H2FLO, all the harsh smoke and hazardous toxins (that are found with typical combustion methods) are removed.

There is no heating coil directly burning the content. Once the optimal temperature is reached, it extracts the active ingredients in the ground leaves and turns it intoa smooth vapor.
Why choose H2FLO vaporizer over other portable vaporizers on the market?
Versatility. Heavy Duty. Efficient. User Friendly.

Versatility – 3 methods to enjoy.
Basic for compact and portable.Flow Control to obtain a stronger hit with the Air Chamber. Water Attachment to obtain filtered and cooled down vapor.

Recommended: detach the Water Attachment and change the water after each session.

Heavy Duty –full charged allows 10 sessions.

Efficient – no combustion, the ceramic oven heats up the ground leaves evenly.

User Friendly – Charge, Load, Power On, and Vape.
How does the H2FLO work?
Unlike the typical combustion pens that directly burns, the Ceramic Oven in the H2FLO heats up the ground leaves at the optimal temperature. Vapor is then drawn up from the oven by inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top of the vaporizer.

It is efficient, easy to use and maintain.
What is the wait time before inhaling?
Wait time is around 60 seconds before; Once the optimal temperature is reached, the LED will turn from flashing RED to solid Green— begin inhaling.
How to power ON/OFF the H2FLO?
Powered by a 2600Mah battery.

Pressthe power button 3 times. Once powered on, the device will start to heat up and the LED will flash RED.

Pre-heat time is around 60 seconds. Once the LED turns GREEN the device is ready to use.

The H2FLO is designed to heat continuously for a full 3 minute session, once the session has completed the device will automatically shut off. To turn off the device manually, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
How to open the chamber?
Unscrew the protective oven cover to allow access to the chamber.
How long does a battery charge last?
With the unit fully charged it provides up to 2 hours of continuous vaping time.
Is the battery replaceable?
The rechargeable battery is built in and non-replaceable.
Charging H2FLO?
Gently connect the USB cable to the charging port and charge the unit for 2-3 hrs.  The power indicator will turn green once the unit is fully charged.
What does it mean when the LED is blinking RED?
The unit is out of battery and needs to be charge ASAP.
How long is the warranty?
The warranty is for a period of 10 years.

Please refer to the FLYTLAB product warranty policy.
What is recommended for use with H2FLO?
H2FLO is designed for use with grounded leaves. H2FLO can be packed with other plant materials, such as herbal. Avoid using products that have added liquids such as wax, concentrate or e-juice both because it can drip into the device, and it can scorch the ground leaves to the oven walls.
Can H2FLO take Oil / Wax / Liquid?
No. H2FLO is specifically engineered for grounded leaves. 

Any intent of heating the Oven chamber with Oil / Wax / Liquid will damage device. Avoid the ceramic chamber in contact with liquid.
How often to clean the H2FLO?
To keep your H2FLO vaporizer in top condition and deliver the best tasting vapor, regular cleaning is recommended after 10 session.

The H2FLO Vaporizer comes with a cleaning kit.



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